I'm into murders and executions mostly

12 January
I'm kind of a fangirl. Mostly of fictional male characters or real male actors.

I watch too many David Lynch and Neil Jordan films.

I like an ocassional big budget blockbuster as much as the next person, as long as it has heart + soul and a pulse.

I like reading subtitles.

TV is getting better, movies are getting worse.

I secretly love goth boys.

80's music is my favorite. I especially love post-punk.

I think Nick Cave is the sexiest musician alive. Maybe even the sexiest man alive.

I don't read as much as I'd like or as much as I use to. I'm working on that.

I need a boyfriend.
a clockwork orange, alfonso cuarón, andrew mccarthy, angry young man, arrested development, asian boys, belle & sebastian, berlin, bloc party, boys with bruises, brain jail, britt daniel, bruce robinson, bud cort look-alikes, celebrity mugshots, christian bale, cillian murphy, cop rock, curb your enthusiasm, dancing to post-punk, daniel brühl, danny boyle, david lynch, david thewlis, david warner, double lives, elton john, ethan hawke, european accents, ewan mcgregor, fist kisses, floria sigismondi, françois truffaut, freaks and geeks, french new wave, gael garcía bernal, gene wilder, george harrison, godspeed you black emporer!, gosford park, harry & the potters, house, hugh laurie, ian curtis, ian mcculloch, interpol, jaime stewart, jake gyllenhaal, james spader, jean-pierre léaud, jeff franklin's genius, jeremy sisto, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, joseph gordon-levitt, joy division, kelly macdonald, kyle machlachlan, larry david, latin america, lauren ambrose, leonardo dicaprio, maggie gyllenhaal, malcolm mcdowell, marc bolan, martin starr, media violence, michael york, michel gondry, michelle trachtenberg, mick jagger, mike skinner, military uniforms, minimalism, minor threat, mitch fatel's muffin joke, my own private idaho, neil jordan, neil young, nick cave, pale boys, pavement, peter sellers, pg tips, pirates, pj harvey, project runway, propoganda, radiohead, revolutionaries, richard e. grant, richard linklater, river phoenix, robert downey jr., robert sean leonard, ryan adams, ryan gosling, scandinavian boys, scarlett johansson, shakespeare, shane macgowen, sickly looking boys, six feet under, snakebites, spoon, stanley kubrick, stephen malkmus, stephen rea, steve coogan, stiff little fingers, strongbow, tapes n tapes, the atomic cafe, the clash, the futureheads, the harry potter look, the lemonheads, the pogues, the virgin suicides (novel), time after time, tom waits, toshiro mifune, tough guys, trainspotting, trying harder than rhys-meyers, ts eliot, turn down the suck, twin peaks, university of reading, veronica + logan, veronica mars, violence + mayhem, willem dafoe, withnail & i, zooey deschanel